I am a 23 year old designer/thinker living and making in sunny San Francisco. A penetrating storyteller, I like to massage my hand-crafted, beautiful pixels. I'm obsessed with kitesurfing, minimalism and making things easier and more delightful. I make stuff, I ship stuff, and I like creating engaging visual experiences for real people. I also like craft beers and whales. 


My Skills and Expertise

I am proficient in all design software, as well as some other computer applications for the Mac OSX operating system. My skills range from website design, all the way to application design. I learned to use a computer as a boy and continue to know how today. I know 55% of logo design. I use a mouse. 

Design with Process

I believe that everything can transformed by an effective design process. Beautiful things can happen when people come together and leverage their collective mental capacities. As one, we can study the world, while also making it a better, more minimal and delightful place. 

My Work

I didn't design the iPhone, but my portfolio shows off the wonderful work designers at Apple continue to do. I like pictures with shallow depth of field, and often position my interfaces in such a way that you're better off trying to read the palm of the person holding the phone, than reviewing my actual work.


Currently I am cofounder and Chief Creativity Ninja at Tonely. I use fonts and also my imagination. Find me designing flat UI kits on Dribbble, turning phrases on my blog or obsessing over line heights and kerning. All of my work is copyrighted and I love adventure sports.